Petr Čech

a.k.a. czubehead

C# and PHP programmer

About me

Hi, welcome to my personal website. My name is Petr Čech, I'm 20 years old and mainly interested in programming web apps in Nette Framework, apps for Windows in C#.NET, mathematics and physics.

On the internet I use nick "czubehead".

I'm currently attending CTU in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology and am a graduate of grammar school Biskupské gymnázium J.N. Neumanna in České Budějovice.

Currently I work as a web developer in

My abilities

Like I mentioned, I mostly develop web apps in PHP and Nette framework. I mostly do backend, but I am also able to conceive some basic frontend functionality, for which I use HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery and JavaScript (obviously)

I have a fairly good experience with making Windows desktop apps in C#.NET (WPF). C# is by far the best programming language I've ever laid my eyes on, but there is little demand.

Also, there are some tools I can wield pretty well and which make a developer's life much easier, such as GIT, Composer or Bower. I mainly use JetBrains IDEs plus Visual Studio.

Primarily I use Windows, I can administer Linux servers on a basic level (Apache, PHP, Postfix, Dovecot, SSH...) as well though - I run a few VPS myself.

I poses a C1 level English certificate (CAE).



LEGO NXT printer

I've built a working LEGO NXT printer and a special software for it, which is able to work out and print small images. In comparison with the others on the internet, mine is much faster- it can print anything in time under 5 minutes, although the average time is about 3 minutes. Everything is written in Java, source codes are on GitLab.


Csharp-aes is a NuGet package containing an encryption library for C# programming language. It is open-source, and as the name suggests, 256-bit AES encryption is used. You may want to use it because it is extremely straightforward, the programmer doesn't have to care about IV, salt etc.


I really like to use new technology, so even though Bootstrap 4 in still in beta, I use it. I also use Nette framework, so I needed to make a thing which would connect those two together and hadn't existed before - full Bootstrap 4 support for Nette framework.


Taltan is a relatively simple but powerful utility, which aims to improve or even override any possible keystroke you can think of. Taltan works on the lowest possible level (WIN API), and that combined with it's simplicity makes it a very powerful tool.


A simple and classical in-browser game written mainly in JS, Hangman.



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